High Precision

Built to the highest specification from space age material coupled with a ground steel bed, a fact which is reflected in the smooth feeling one gets when using the machine, making it suitable for beginner or advanced workers and giving a high degree of accuracy. The high precision makes it suitable for all types of work, including clockmaking.

Easy Assemble Kit

Available in several options which include an easy to assemble kit, or a complete machine. It can be purchased with or without a motor and mounting assembly. Any motor of around 1/4hp is suitable. With these options it is probably the most flexible package available.

Many Accessories

Numerous accessories are available to make the lathe amongst the most versatile on the market. As well as being able to machine stock-sizes of metal, it is able to hold castings of irregular shape and to carry out milling and slotting operations.

Large Capacity

The centre height of over 2 1/4 inches allows work up to a diameter of 4 1/2 inches to be machined, and a length of over 9 inches can be held between centres using the optional tailstock as an end support. The carriage has a movement of 9 inches and there is a cross-slide movement of 1 3/4 inches. The use of raising blocks increases the capacity to a 3 inch centre height. Despite the large capacity of the machine, it is light enough to be portable if required.

Low Cost

The cost of the basic lathe and accessories is very low - in fact a price that cannot be beaten. This means that a complete package, including accessories, can be affordable at below the price of other manufacturers' basic lathes. Click this link to see the current price list for lathes, motors, and accessories.

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