Divisionmaster firmware files

Page updated 14th August 2022

This page contains a number of files that relate to the DivisionMaster rotary controller. DivisionMaster is no longer manufactured and is therefore no longer available, and the product is no longer supported; however, following enquiries from a number of existing owners that wish to make sure that they are in a position to replace/reprogramme the PIC 16F877 chip if need be at some point in the future, or may wish to upgrade thgeir older firmware version to the latest and greatest, I have decided to make the source files and HEX file for the controller available for that purpose.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE INFORMATION PRESENTED HERE IS THE ABSOLUTE EXTENT TO WHICH SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE FOR THESE FILES - time has moved on since the last time I looked at the code or attempted to run the dev system and programme a chip, and life is WAY too short for me to re-learn it all in order to answer a query. So it is a condition of downloading this material that you accept and acknowledge that YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN at that point; I make no claims as to whether you will be able to get it running on your hardware, I offer no warranty whatsoever, and accept no liability whatsoever for what you may choose to do with it.

These files are copyright 2022, Tony Jeffree. They may be downloaded and used FOR PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL PUROPSES ONLY.

The user manual for the controller is available HERE. This is for V2.03 of the firmware, which is the version represented by the Zip files.

The following Zip file contains the "C" code and header file used to generate the firmware for the controller, plus the HEX file that needs to be programmed into the PIC 16F877 chip. Fuse settings should be chosen for HS clock, no power up timer, no watchdog, LVP OFF.

PLEASE NOTE that these files were developed for use with the FED PIC "C" development tools; they call for the use of library files that are part of the FED "C" development environment. You may need to provide equivalent library routines to handle the displays if you use a different development environment.

DivisionMaster firmware.zip



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