OSI Network Management


I was actively involved in the work of BSI IST 21 Panel 4, which is the UK panel of experts concerned with the work of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC21/WG4 in the area of OSI Management standardisation, from 1985 through to 1992. My major areas of interest in this work were the standards for Common Management Information Services and Protocols (CMIS and CMIP), and the standards for the Structure of Management Information (SMI). In October 1986 I was appointed UK Rapporteur for Management Information Services within IST 21 Panel 4. I was a regular member of the UK delegation to international meetings of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC21/WG4 during this period. In December 1988 I was appointed as ISO/CCITT Editor for the Guidelines for the Development of Managed Objects (GDMO), which was passed as an International Standard in June 1991, and in May 1991 was appointed ISO/CCITT Editor for the Generic Management Information draft standard. While at Sema Group, this work was supported by funding from the DTI IT Standards Unit and more recently, by DISC, as part of a national programme of support for OSI standards development activities.

I have delivered numerous tutorials, workshops and training courses related to the OSI Management standards over the last ten years.

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